Friday, September 26, 2008

Did somebody say fashion on a budget?

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm truely on this "the look for less" kick. I'm a big fan of TJ Maxx and Ross, but I sure do love a good online sale from Old Navy and Torrid. I also love to find little coupon codes online that will help with my shopping. So, while reading Glamour magazine (I haven't bought one in so long since I've been reading parental magazines) I saw they had an article for recession-proofing your life. Of course that meant recession-proofing your wardrobe. There were a couple of sites that I had to share with you (my audience), and maybe you might already know about them. First there's, where you can find all of the coupon codes in the world along with their approval rate (meaning if they worked or not). I have used this site before, and it does come in handy especially when you want to get free shipping. Also there's, now on this site there are designer sampler sales with the prices marked down to almost like how much you would pay for a GAP silk tank (but it's designer!!!!). Now I didn't see anything plus-sized friendly, but I did see some of the tops that would be good under a cute blazer or vest (meaning if you just need a shell these could actually work out). One of my favorite blogs about being fashionable on budget is So many fly items on her blog, and you don't have to go broke in an attempt to keep up with the Jones' and Johnsons lol.

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