Saturday, September 27, 2008

Leave it up to AJ's doctor to give me a clue

So, unfortunately my little princess broke out into a rash a couple of weeks ago. Her doctor didn't want to give her the shots she was supposed to receive that day, but did give me a tip for her skin. She believed that it had something to do with AJ's allergies (yes she is our child lol, she even has my Fall time allergies). Since she said the best way to protect her irritation was to use baby oil (not my usual coconut oil) on her skin right before her bath, bathe her in Aveeno, and then lotion her up with Aveeno lotion (don't worry didn't break the bank on the list since we already used the lotion). Oh my gosh her skin is smoother than it was prior to the rash, and that is going to be our usual bath time routine from here on out. Even Mommy is getting into the habit of applying oil to my skin before taking a shower. I wonder if hubby will notice? lol

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