Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So busy these days, but I must post!

Greetings everyone!!! I have been so busy these past few weeks, and I feel I am neglecting you with my wittiness and whatnot (sorry had a brain fart trying to come up with something lol). Anyways this past weekend I posted on the fan page to look out for my post on my henna experience. I have been itching to do some type of hair color for the past year and some change, and decided that I was going to henna. Maybe it was because I just said I needed to go to the Whole Foods by my job (feels so good to finally say that!!!!), but I saw the Aubrey Organics Island Conditioner (post to follow this one...) and then right beside it HENNA. I have heard mixed reviews on henna, and said I want my hair to be a tad bit darker (my natural hair color is like an dark ashy auburn/brownblack mix it's weird). So, I was sitting back on Saturday evening trying to finalize the Fairy Princesses 3rd Birthday party, and received a text from one of the moms saying can't wait until tomorrow for the kids to hang out. I was like frack (yeah I used another word lol) because I was deep conditioning for like almost 18hrs, and still had to dye my hair. So, I boiled the water for the henna and opened the container. I was like ummm that's weird funk coming off of their. Maybe that'll calm down, while Ock shook his head in agreement. Ummm no....the situation for the smell did not change at all, like it had a funky grass that a goat took a leak on (sorry that's what it smelled like lol). I added some rosemary oil to it, and was like oh shhhh it made it worst! So, he's cracking up and the kid is like "why are you putting that in your hair." With my eyes squinched up breathing through my mouth, I told her Mommy wants to make her hair darker. Being the 2 y/o she is "so why are you using that?" (while scrunching up her face and proceeded to tell me I don't want to smell that and closed the door leaving me to suffer even more). lol Honestly I think it might be the brand I used, but whatever I don't know how some of you ladies can go to sleep with that stuff in your hair. lol Fast forward, since I hate the dryer I sat around with 2 bags on my head for 1 hour, and the smell faded or maybe the remaining smell of rosemary made it better. Now was the tricky part, rinsing all of it out without leaving in bits of henna like I have read in other reviews. I will suggest this to anyone doing henna, use the full force of your shower head/sink attachment because if you don't it will take forever to remove. I felt like Lady Macbeth trying to get that stuff out of my head.

I used almost half of a bottle of my Treseme Naturals conditoner (which if you're looking for a great co-wash you must try it!) trying to get rid of the grit (and the smell), which took about a good 20 minutes. I will say there was still a hint of a grassy smell in my hair, but I said let's put some more moisture back in here and I added the AO Island Natural Conditioner, showered, and rinsed (that stuff got on my skin lol). My hair felt strong, but not stiff which is what I going for as well. I used my Koils by Nature Nourishing Hair and Body Butter (another review just because Pam is so awesome!), and did my chunky twist. I usually use the Herbal Smoothing Peppermint gel, but I didn't feel like overwhelming my bed buddy aka AJ (Ock has been officially kicked out and placed on the couch courtesy of her lol). Look for a picture to come on the Facebook fan page when my mother actually scans it (we took a picture together at Mickey's Magic Show).  Will I do henna again, umm yeah but after I read some other tricks on the removal process. My hair is darker (thank goodness!), and was a tad fuller no loosened curl pattern (thank goodness because my 'kitchen' would really look out of place with my other hair lol). One of these I need to take a picture of my hair wet/dry sans product so you can see what I'm talking about when I refer to my hair lol. It's like my mother's hair type (where that off shade of brown came from) decided to breakdance battle with my father's and some way they came up with my hair. Off to writing up my other reviews..it's tax time so I've been investing in some products. I know it's a hard job, but somebody has to do it. ;-) As my husband is probably shaking his head. lol
Until then keep on being random!

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