Saturday, February 19, 2011

Forreal she was funny, but now she's doing too much

*mucho profanity in these videos if it offends you pleeeeeeeeease DO NOT watch her vlogs*

Like I'm all about freedom of speech, and the first 7 mins is all about how people aren't a true type 4 in some of the blogs/vlogs. Is she serious? I've seen some people who are TRUE type 4 (4a/b/c), and believe me their hair has grown. I myself keep saying I'm a 3c/4a/patch of 4b, and I'm like she's like the people who is going around talking about "your hair isn't nappy enough." I thought that type of talk ended in like 2008 with that cNapp shiggity. Believe me I for one gets frustrated with my hair from time to time, but dang lol. Of course there were responses to her vlog, but I decided to use AfricanExport (mainly because she's been around for some time and pretty much put my thoughts into her response lol).

What are your thoughts?

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