Sunday, February 6, 2011


So, it's Superbowl Sunday and the Trotters are officially over here cleaning up the apartment. It's not for us to have a party, since the initial plan was for us go over my folks house for a shin dig where we could spend the night if it go too late. No dice, so we're scrambling to see what we're going to do, and more than likely we're going to be in the house. Have no fear because we did that last year! (had a lot of fun with it too!) So, on our menu: pizza (duh), fried chicken (this is for tonight and Monday), and salad. There will be some type of adult beverage involved, but nothing extravagant like last year when I made Hand Grenades (there were a lot of army grenade jokes being made between hubs and I while little one was passed out).
 I remember my senior year at Morgan I actually got a chance to go to a Superbowl party, that was hosted by Ravens fans, and I wore my Black and Gold (ummm Redskins are my NFC team, but Steelers are my AFC team fa'sho!). So, since they were playing I was talking mad trash because the Ravens didn't make it to big game, and I eventually got put in "time out." At that time my lil' sis wasn't a fan of any team because she never liked football so she cracked up at the fact it was me and one other Steelers fan (who happened to be from Bmore) were talking the most trash. I can't do that anymore because she's a die hard Ravens fan, and she already disowned me via twitter one time because I said "GO STEELERS!" (lol I mean I really didn't know she did that until I wrote her on FB and asked her why she was igging me on twitter). We have patched things up, but I still find it hilarious that she did that. The first game that my husband and I watched as a couple was when the Bears made it in '07 (hey he's from Chicago so I even wore orange and blue thanks to my Morgan wardrobe).  Okay that was my stroll through my recent Superbowl , how about yours?

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