Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So nice I had to review them twice...Koils by Nature (KON)

Last year around I would say around April I was surfing around FB looking at fellow naturals hair favorite brands. I came across KON's fan page, and I was like let me see what they're about. I loved the ingredients for the owner/CEO/extremely friendly Pam Jenkins' products I decided to look around for something to purchase. I'm leery about ordering products by word of mouth because honestly I just didn't have a good experience with them. I saw that Ms. Jenkins was having a giveaway for her Nourishing Body Butter in a new Watermelon scent. First thing that popped into my mind was "that's an interesting fragrance, but I want that butter!" I was the first to respond, and bam I won my first giveaway. It was the 8 oz size, and it had the smell of watermelon jolly ranchers (<*insert homer drool emoticon*>). The texture was nice, melted easily and made my hair oh so soft. I was like okay cool, but let's test it on my daughter with the Jesus hair (like wool). Her hair will absord any type of hair butter, and then has the nerve to get stiff and uncooperative (believe me Mommy has tried so many things to get her hair to just get a dose of "act right"). I almost cried when I saw how soft my baby's hair was. I mean we didn't fight as usual, and I could use it with the Organics Shea Butter Detangling lotion.
We had a happy summer/early fall, and then it ended when I saw this wonderful butter go "bye bye." It was like my world had ended, and I definitely was BROKE. So, back to scrapping the sides of the container to get as much as possible to tame her edges (forget mine's since my hair was still in wash and go mode with some good ol' suave humectant/sweet almond oil doing the job). Once the New Year hit I was determined to get some type of steady cash flow coming my way, and even plotted on my poor little state refund check. So, once the bills were being paid, I saw a surplus (I have to keep my priorities in check folks no point in having fab hair without gas/electric). I hopped on that opportunity because another bill decided to wave a handkerchief my way to say "hellur!" I bought some Peppermint Herbal Smoothing Gel and a 4 oz size Lavender Nourshing Hair & Body Butter. Watching my email telling me the update on the status of my products left me with a giggity Quagmire feeling. Like the first thing I would do besides doing the normal when you first step in the house, I would go to my patio. Even my daughter was like "what is Mommy doing?" Mr. T. couldn't even answer that question because he would do the same. Like it was a SERIOUS MATTER! 3 days later (she's in my neighborhood so I get my packages asap), I saw that package and immediately went to sniffing as I cut on the shower. Don't judge me! None of her products have that medicinal herbal smell, but a clean fresh smell to them. The peppermint didn't smell like someone melted the red and white candies with some Halls, but like peppermint tea...fresh. I went to look in my package, and waaaah there's a sample for the Moisturizing Shealoe Leave-In Conditioner....this made me freeze because 1) I didn't expect it and 2) because any other time I had shealoe anything my hair would start soft end up brittle and dry. I put it on the side, and opened up my best friend (almost like Thurgood and his Abbazabba candy). Yummy! Like Lavender should always be this delicate, but not so perfume like that it takes away from the purpose of the purchase (I work in a stressful environment so I need something like that). I even received a compliment on the light smell, and how it still smelled like a lavender tea.
My hair L-O-V-Es the Leave-In, and the gel leaves my hair with the right amount of hold. The butter...c'mon son if I'm feenin' off of it this hard you already know I have no complaints. So much that I made another purchase, and boo-yah I even spoke with Pam when I question about my order. She was prompt, and even said next time I order her to let her know and we can meet up. Pam, I <3 you for the business woman you are! AJ's hair got it's dose of "act right," and if you see her hair in the picture from the D.I.T. turning 3 it actually stayed in place AND showed off her true length (my baby is a true 4b..I have another picture of her hair, but I can't edit it as of right now).

Look for a review on the Replenshing Oil and Replenishing Lavender & Eucalyptus Cleanser (of course I bought another body butter because AJ's hair is fat kid, and is greeeeeeeeeeedy!).

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