Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Quirky D.I.T. is turning 3

I'll admit it, I still cry when it's near her birthday. She's my one and only, and definitely had to put up a fight with my body to have her (while my body retaliated and told me the weight isn't budging lol). But my little D.I.T. is turning 3 tomorrow, and I don't know if I want to cry or ship her off to my aunt in Massachusetts. lol I swear that little girl is just a ball of energy. As I scrounge and scrimp to put together something for her to get into to burn off that energy, my parents are putting out the suggestions for alternative day care/learning centers aka their month of babysitting is up HELP! LOL

She says the darnest things I swear, and I honestly think she's my family's Beyonce (well because of the success rate and the sandy brown hair lol). She makes up songs, and performs her own little skits. One of her Godmothers even asked me "where's that British accent coming from?" I put my head down, and told her we act out too many scenes from Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton's version of course). She also likes the Fantastic Mr. Fox, and the farmers have British accents including the one who flicks the cigarette at Petey (yes she acts out that part with me being Petey).

So, when it came down to planning her birthday party Mommy had to find a way to top off last year's. It was great, but I wanted something that all of us could do. First we had to come up with theme. So, we're like she loves ballet, dinosaurs and Yo Gabba Gabba (well all of Nick Jr. honestly). I wanted to have a Dora themed party because I wanted her to experience beating up a pinata like I did on my 3rd birthday (I mean it was a tradition to have one at your party in Houston lol). My mother told me to ask her what she wanted since it was her birthday, and so I asked her which one dinosaurs or ballerinas.
 AJ: "Dinosaur ballerinas"
Me: No you have to pick one
AJ: Dinosaur ballerinas
Me: So you want Dinosaurs dressed as ballerinas?
AJ: Yes Mommy
These are the types of conversations I have with her, and the reason why I love being her Mommy! So, needless to she's having a Tinkerbell and her Fairy Friends cake, lol. Sorry that was just too much to plan, but she sealed the deal when she saw her birthday cake. As for the location, I hate Germ-E-Cheese, and Pump It Up was going to cost the same amount with minimal time stuck with last years location (just hope this year I'll be able to handle the jumper).  This morning when I tried to wake her up, and told her she'll be 3 tomorrow with her eyes still closed she nodded her head and hugged me tighter while she went back to sleep. I followed suit with a single tear flowing from my eye, and got in another 10 minutes of Mommy & Me time.

My true insipiration to make this world a better place for you, love you!
p.s. now you guys know her middle name lol


Kiianah said...

Awwww, look at her! I cannot beleive you have a 3 year old! She is adorable too!

Divafied Mama said...

Thanks, and girl I cannot believe it either! It still amazes me at how fast she's grown, and how we're planning for her sibling (in the next 3 years..we need a house lol).

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