Friday, April 24, 2009

Sex and the City Syndrome

So, drinking excessive amounts of fruity cocktails with the girls is a bad thing? lol Oops, I didn't know that maybe we just need to stick to taking shots when we go out. We thought we were being grown ups, since most of these are served in high ball or martini glasses.
According to a study you end up drinking entirely too much when you're drinking these froo froo drinks like Mojitos and Cosmos (umm duh we know that much that's why we get them lol) because the amount of sugar in these drinks end up being sent faster into your bloodstream. Maybe that's why I can only have about 3 of them (maybe a shot), and call it day. I mean yeah grant it some people don't know their limit, but ummm *raises hand* I limit is by #1 how much I bring to drink (unless it's open bar, then I'm double fisting my drinks...sorry it's the truth, an hour goes by fast). If I start to feel a really good buzz, then my tail is definitely going to start slowing up (actually fell asleep in the club for my pre-21st birthday aka 20th birthday). I was looking for the link on The Early Show's website, but they haven't added it yet.
What's your limit when you go out to drink?


Enchantress said...

It depends on what I'm drinking. Basically, when I start to feel that buzz you were talking about...I'm done.

Divafied Mama said...

I don't know how people aren't feeling the buzz from these drinks. I know the last time I went to LOVE (it's in DC if you haven't been), my drinks were just they have a limit on how much they can per drink. Now if you're drinking there, then I can see you not knowing your limit (maybe that's why I see ppl with goblets of wine lol). your savings on! :-)

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