Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good news

Well of course you know (for those who follow) Total Beauty came out with a list of the 13 worst hair cities (whew wipes sweat from brow my city isn't one of them, even though we're humid as heck this weekend!). Well here I try to showcase the positives from time to time, so here are the top 11 (in reverse order):
11) Chicago
10) Boston (werd? even with their harsh winters???)
9) Denver
8) Los Angeles, yeah I believe because my suite roomies from college had fabo NATURAL hair!
7) Miami.....aren't they like humid as heck? Well they said it's the least polluted so it helps with preventing baldness. That's not why I want to move there, lol.
6) New York..very confused because it has the most salons???
The summers can be hot and humid and therefore tough on hair, but New York's perfect-for-hair water makes up for the three months of hair-challenged weather. Plus it holds six of the top 10 ZIP codes with the most beauty salons in the country.

5) San, that's where I want to be if I don't make it to Miami lol
4) Anchorage, Alaska *raises eyebrows*
You may be freezing your butt off in the second-coldest city in the country (first is Fairbanks, Alaska) -- but your hair is in heaven. The city's lack of pollution and wind, plus the soft water, keep hair healthy and looking fabulous.
Yeah freezing is not my cup of tea, never was, reason I don't want to move to my husband's hometown (Chicago).
3) San Diego
2) Honolulu
Beach-y hair like the Victoria's Secret models, anyone? This city has clean air, soft water, lots of salons and practically the same weather -- a nicely un-sweaty 77 degrees -- all year round. Come here and say "aloha" to gorgeous hair.
hmm this list sounds like my list of places to relocate lol
1) Santa Barbara....Oprah if I could be your neighbor I would, but I'll stick to FL, San Fran and Honolulu...hmm good ol' sun in FL and Honolulu (also good Noni oil and fresh fish), and even temperature San Fran...good to me! (best cities) (worst cities)

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