Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh a hair update

Okay so this is one of those random things...okay my hair needed some type of moisture/protein balance because you can finally tell that I was texturizing my hair. Like while sitting around with my pre-poo...I have to pre-poo because if I don't my hair will be tangled mess. My pre-poo consists of Suave Coconut conditioner, CoCasta Shikaki Oil (from, some extra castor oil, and some avocado oil. I heat up everything in the microwave for about 20 seconds, apply to my hair, and put two plastic bags on my head then cover with a bonnet. Let it sit for...pretty much forever lol. I mean the curls/waves popped, and for one quick second I was like "hmmm maybe I need to just do like Che' (my BFF whose a cosmetology student) suggested?" She said for me to do it 2x a year instead of my 6x year, but honestly I the only chemicals I want in my hair are from my rinses and other dye I use.
Oh and I finally washed my hair the correct way with the Dr. Bronner's soap. The other two times I used it, I used it straight up. Yeah so obviously I didn't think it was concentrated because it made my hair squuuuuuuueaky clean. So, this time I used the soap (Peppermint), added some Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil, and water (1:1:2 ratio) with 3 drops of extra peppermint oil. Tingly untangled goodness is what came of this, and I will be using this method for a long time now. I guess I will have to switch it up from time to time with my other shampoos, but this helped a lot with softening up my roots for detangling.
I guess that's yeah that's it.

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