Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Hairveda Came in Yesterday

I've been awaiting my handcrafted products from Hairveda for about a good two weeks (love the attention to detail, but I was getting anxious lol). I ordered the CoCasta Shikaki Oil, Whipped Clouds sample, Amla Rinse sample...some other items I just don't remember off hand.

So, how thirsty was I when I opened the box, I grabbed the whipped clouds, and slapped it on my head lol. Then sealed with the beloved CoCasta. Yeah I wanted to do a pre-poo this way, opposite of what I was supposed to use (the Vatika Frosting lol). So, I added more of the oil, and slapped on a shopping bag (cheaper than buying shower caps). I sat around for about a good 4 hours, and decided that I was going to wash my hair. Ain't it a biish, that my hot water wasn't working. I had to use residual warm water to do a quick shampoo, and rinse before I froze. I used the Whipped Clouds as a leave-in, and sealed with the AvoSoya Oil (which I will buy again). The CoCasta smelled almost like a Kemi oil with a hint of curry powder, which took some getting used to. It wasn't as heavy as I expected, but it was still light enough for me to not feel like I could fry chicken on my head. I have to use my other stuff tomorrow when I actually wash my hair (I'll do a better pre-poo, washing and deep condition). I did mix some of the AvoSoya and CoCasta with some remaining WGO (Wild Growth Oil) because my scalp is hella dry. I will say my scalp loves it because it sucked it all up, and doesn't feel as tight anymore. I'll say so far on my 24 hour experience, I will buy the AvoSoya again. I think I need more time with the CoCasta oil to actually see the results. These products can be used all over, and even rubbed some of the AvoSoya on my feet last more ash lol.

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