Sunday, April 26, 2009

Poor AJ

She's been cursed with Mommy and Daddy's dry hair. It's like no matter what I use her hair slurps it right on up. I have even gone as far as doing a conditioning treatment on her hair, which her other grandmother washed out the same weekend using her cheap shit (yes I'm heated by this because I didn't tell her to wash her hair). I have nothing against cheap products, but if you're going to use them please read the ingredients (if you don't want it in your hair don't use it for my child)...I digress, but poor baby hair needs like a good spritzing of water/moisturizer like 3x a day everyday lol.
So, I got a free sample from Wally World (Wal-Mart) of the Roots of Nature Remedies from SoftSheen Carson. The samples included the Reconstructing Deep Treatment, and Strenghtening Oil Moisturizer. I used the Oil Moisturizer on her hair, and ewwww it's really an OIL moisturizer. The first four ingredients: water, glycine sobja oil (soybean oil), glycerin, and coconut oil were decent, but then it's like after everything else that's in their the green tea and shea butter are like smack dab in the middle. Let's just say this, we won't be using it again. Yeah it made her hair soft, not easier to comb and left a greasy film on her hair. I don't even get that when I add straight oil to her hair (well after the leave-in), so this shall go in the "good try, but no cigar" pile.

It's already looking like my baby has her Daddy's 4b hair, with a few coils in there courtesy of if you have a child with a similar hair situation please do not hesitate to share your tips. This is another reason why Mommy decided to go ahead to become natural. I have to know how to take care of her hair, so must start again with mines. *le sigh* Time to go into battle to pick out this afro of hers because she hates hair time lol.

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