Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yes, Mommy's baby is growing

Finally focusing on the content of what is being said on Barney (a P.I.A. for Mommy), and Sesame Street. So much, she's going around here sounding like a choo-choo train saying two (smile). So, on random she'll say twwoooooooo, twoooooooooo while holding up her two index fingers. It's so cute! This adds onto her vocabulary of GeeDaddy (what she calls my father), see!!!!! (something see????), Swifty (it's smushed together when she says it), chicken, yes, hi!, and bye.

Oh another thing...she's finally taking to potty. What I mean, instead of her screaming her head off when I place her on the potty, she now sits when Mommy goes during the day (not all of the time am I using). I just sit on there, and sometimes she's running around without the diaper. She'll sit there, no success with the tee tee, but poopie did happen. LOL Yeah I'm sharing it with y'all, and there's a reason why I'm saying AJ so she won't be embarrassed one of this googling herself, lol.

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