Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ooooo I've got a question for you

What is too thin according to real people terms? I just want to know because isn't that phase like over with? I look at all of my magazines, and see some of the models with a little pudge here and there...I honestly get happy! I know somebody would've said something like "why didn't airbrush that? It's so gross!" I'm still a little heated that I could not get a copy of the Vogue Curve issue because honestly I want to see a fat roll every now and then. That makes me believe that there are still human beings taking these photos. How to you feel about the portrayal of health weight, and not skin and bones? Would you prefer to see a model with curves, or a model who looks like she's literally dying for a bowl of rice krispies? Kierra Knightley, she's naturally thin, but she also has some curves (I'm defending her because I saw her in Domino, and she is a curvy thin girl). Speaking a too thin, I'm loving how much softer Nicole Ritchie looks ...maybe it's that 1981 glowing Mommy thing (yeah I never wanted to be domestic diva either, always wanted to get into International Relations). She doesn't have that heroin chic look, and I love that for her. I'm also happy that she's dating/engaged (not 100% on their situation) to a local boy (hey Joel!).

P.S. This is what the cover of the Vogue curves issue looks like, and yes I am highly pissed off that I have to order it because it is no where to be found!!! Darn empowerment issue! lol

Let me know people!!

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