Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Those lovely people at Clutch Magazine

Ha, no they didn't ask me to become a writer for them (even though I secretly wish). Their natural hair columnist wrote an article that showcases all of the "natural support groups." Speaking as someone who has been natural on more than one occasion, we do need support groups. Other cultures are thought to embrace their uniqueness, and we were told that our nappy didn't make others happy. Browsing the forums I used to frequent (sorry I refuse to pay for advice I can get for free in these trying times) I ran into some pictures of women with 'fros that would make my hairspirations look flat. If have one question, if you are a woman who is of Pacific Islander decent, what tips do you have for your hair (if you don't straighten it)? I know I could just easily google it, but I want to get some feedback. Until then, here's the article with the support groups. http://clutchmagonline.com/beauty/natural-hair-online-support-groups/#1 (sorry that you have to copy and paste, but for some reason I am having no luck with posting my links).

Some, if not all, of the support groups are of those that I follow here on my blog (yay go me, being a nosey blogger lol), i.e. http://newlynatural.com/blog/, www.curlynikki.com, brand new community http://www.mynhcg.com/12-hair-tips-for-transitioner.html, and http://textureplayground.com/blog/ (these three are very informative, IMO).

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