Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh to be young and....well to be young

I do not know what is so wrong with Cassie shaving the side of her head. It works, and since she's a model/ former model, I guess she has to be ahead of the game. Well at least ahead of the hip hop game (saw pictures of another model who has the same style).
Honestly if I had the career where I could do stuff like that with my hair believe me I would. I sit back and envy artist like Rihanna, Kelis, even Cassie... To be able to go around changing your style without someone passing judgment, mainly because shoot you can always say it's a part of your career, lol. I on the other hand being the mother of one, and currently trying to get myself the pass needed to gain contacts and start a business. I've always had this artsy side to me, but I guess it'll just have to be expressed via tattoos, and pictures (lol). Speaking of which here are some for your viewing pleasure.

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