Friday, April 17, 2009


Yes, I am a pusher (well not official...yet :), hint BJ) of these products. If you have no problem with waiting two weeks for wonderful products that are hand-made with love, please support the Hairveda fam. I love the Whipped Clouds, but I (see this is my opinion) just can't use it as a leave-in, but more as a moisturizer. The MoistConditioner-Pro (protein), left my hair soft, and noticed that even after my rinse I had less shed hair. The Whipped Ends Cream 3in1, works wonders, but I only have a sample, and still want to give it more time (read: being stingy with my $$ lol).
The sale has already sold out of the beloved Vatika Frosting I've been reading about (it was on sale for $5....grrrr, day late dollar short literally), and the equally infamous Almond Glaze was $4.99. Of course these would be the popular ones because a lot of women were singing these products praises, and were probably like me waiting for the sale drooling lol. Oh and if you really don't want to go mixing your own blend of ayurvedic oils please get to CoCosta Shikaki Blend oil. I felt my scalp suck up the oil, and it starting begging for more. You can't beat the price of $6.50 when the original price is $11. Also for us fellow DC Metro area customers, we get a discount on our shipping. I know when I checked my order as soon as it shipped, I got it the next day (well you can see my reaction to how thusty I was once it arrived). Excuse me Ms. BJ from Hairveda (and family members), if you happen to google Hairveda, and see it mentioned on here...PLEASE LET A SISTER KNOW WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO OPEN YOUR STORE!!! LOL

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