Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm actually making progress

After having a set back on my 2nd weigh in, I have officially lost 6.4 lbs and it's getting easier to know what I can and cannot over indulge. I will always have a thing for lattes, that is just a given, but whenever I was getting my extremely decadent ones for breakfast it was always just that breakfast (why have a Peppermint Mocha with whip AND doughnut when I could have it venti with a few extra pumps). I have now scaled back on the ventis, and made them grande size with a bowl of oatmeal (well I make my coffee at home because I get to control what's going in my cup). Now that the holidays are approaching it's about how I'm going to enjoy my favorite foods without blowing my loss. I do plan on adding more exercise to my program using my good ol' internet connection to get some free access to Free full length videos on Exercise TV, or if I don't feel like pulling up my internet at like 5 in the morning cut on the TV with my OnDemand workouts. If you don't have cable, which I honestly don't blame you, and you use a program like Netflix there are also exercise programs on there. I'm a big fan of the kickboxing, dance and pilates workouts. Hmm sounds like almost back in high school, except I was in the cardio kickboxing class, did jazz/hip-hop dance classes, and weight lifting to tone. I'll be darn if I'll be stuck eating an AJ portion of macaroni and cheese! lol Here are suggestions for those who are trying to not feel guilty while piling on the sweet potatoes (yuck can't stand those casseroles with the little marshmallows and all of that brown sugar). I even said that I was going to make a revamped string bean casserole, so I can have something less hogmawed out (yeah my family is southern down to the chitlins lol).

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