Sunday, November 14, 2010

As promised

I added another tab specifically dedicated to buying gifts for the holidays. I am someone who celebrates Christmas, but I do know there are people who are of other religious backgrounds and I don't want them to think that I am singling them out from the celebration. There are people who are even atheists who don't celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, but celebrate Kwanzaa. I included gift cards because these (according to my experience) are also good for mailing gifts to those who are not able to come home for the holidays. Grant it you probably can't get to a Chili's in Iraq, but you can use an iTunes gift card to download books, movies and music while protecting your sanity (remember hubs is a War on Terrorism vet so he came to mind when picking out gift cards). I also added movies that were "family" friendly, and some that were just for when you want to get a giggle or two. I tried to make it as one stop shop as possible, and that even meant including the infamous slippers/underwear combo (okay I said underwear to be funny I will not help you pick out drawers). lol

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