Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's falinter! (Fall/Winter) And I'm tired of these weaves that look

Drier than the leaves that fall on the ground! I understand that you are protecting your hair, or you want a style change but that does NOT mean that you're supposed to neglect your investment. If you go out of your way to pay your hard earned money to order hair (or go to your neighborhood BSS), and then search out the best person to install your weave, why are you not protecting it????????? I used to take random pictures of busted weaves because that just makes no sense in just wasting your money. I know some women even reuse their abused hair extensions. WHY?!?!
Okay so honestly I will not go too hard on you ladies (can't say gentlemen because even the gay men I know keep their hair TIGHT!), but I will try to give you ladies some pointers and will even post some vlogs from some youtubers.
1) BUY HIGH QUALITY WEAVE, there is nothing like the wind blowing, and all you see if what looks likes this

2) Please do not use heat on your hair everyday...if you do not do that for your natural hair, please respect your weave the same way. Better yet get your weave installed in layers that can fake a wrap.

3) You smell that...yeah it's your scalp asking you to remove the gunk, and to dry it completely so it won't get that mildew/sweaty smell. Here's another vlog by AkiyaKelly

4) Blend, blend blend!!!! I cannot stress this enough! When I used to wear weaves (sewn in or quick) I always had to make sure my hair blended because I could not be embarrassed with a ratty looking weave that did not blend with my natural hair. That is just dreadful!

Well ladies I hope this helps, and yes it's cold out here please if you can wrap your hair in a silk scarf. Make sure if you can, moisturize and seal your weave at night time. Stay beautiful!!!

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