Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's my favorite time of the year...FALL

What's not to like about Autumn? You get to see the beautiful palette that has been given to us by Mother Nature. I'm one who loves the beautiful weather that she gives us, and believe me one who is not a big fan of humidity and snow Fall is the best way to get the best of both worlds. I will say it can keep the ragweed/hay, but I'll take that over just sweating while breathing lol. It is also time to step my game up when it comes to my wardrobe. Since I have been transitioning to finally get myself out there, it's time to bring out the sweaters for the corporate world (the world I have no choice but to get involved in because hey I need the experience lol), and that also means finding a way to layer my summer dresses with Fall friendly, mild Winter pieces. I am a fan of the sweater trench coat. It can be used over a sleeveless dress, it can be used to wear as an outercoat in general for those office's that refuse to let go of the summer a/c, and it's also fun. Rich fall colors like cranberry, pumpkin orange, and even chocolate take this basic closet object up a notch. 
Oh and these boots that are coming out for the Fall from Lane Bryant, I just might have to break down and get me a couple of pair. I love how they range from flats to 3 inch pumps that can go from day to night with no problems. I don't usually go to clubs, but if that means I can wear them to a casual and fun happy hour I'm there.
I'm not a big fan of gray jeans, but I have noticed that some people are getting away with wearing them as "business" slacks instead of casual. I for one am about versatility, and if you can get away with wearing them with a with your suit jacket and dress blouse then so be it. I might venture into the gray denim territory, but mainly on the casual aspect since I don't do jeggings or skin tight jeans anymore (blame it on me not wanting anything tight on my stomach since pregnancy lol).
Are there any fall pieces that you think should be mentioned? Sound off! :-)

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NaturallyKiki said...

Yes, fall is where it's at! Lol, can't wait to break out the boots, sweaters, hats and scarves! I think I like to dress up more in the fall! your savings on! :-)

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