Friday, September 24, 2010

The Downside of Grad School (at a non-liberal arts school)

I swear I was so amped to be in graduate school, mainly because I was going into a field opposite of my History background. Now it's like blah there's nothing really fun to go along with these topics that are supposed to get me ready for the "real world." I was browsing other school sites, and got Liberal Arts School envy. Case in point, on College of Norte Dame's list for courses in Contemporary Communication you actually have electives i.e. Culture and Its Philosophical Context. Here's there site for more information, MA in Contemporary Communication. I was literally like this is what the class structure should be similar too because at least you can put this into a real life perspective. So, I continue to look on other schools (grant it I'm not planning on transfering just yet, but I'm "window" shopping haha) not far from me, and Trinity's MA in Communication is actually a good program.
Maybe it's just that I like to have variety in the classroom instead of someone making write about scenarios, with no real topic of discussion in the classroom. Grant it I am in school for MSIT, but dangit I need variety before I scream. Oh well, I guess I'll get that variety when I go on these open university sites, and look up random philosophy lectures on "Sex and Relationships with Animals." (LOL no that lecture does not exist). If you're interested in "attending" these free lectures, you can either -Click here, or go to free ebooks, lectures, etc..


NaturallyKiki said...

Lol! Well, may as well get on the liberal arts bandwagon! Yep, pleanty of real life skills you can use at home or in the workforce.

NaturallyKiki said...


Divafied Mama said...

I can't get any more liberal arts than having a History degree. lol People fail to realize that a lot of fields stem from History (Economics, Psychology, Biology, Communications, and even Math). The first thing I always hear from interviewers is how come I'm not a teacher. Kind of makes the eye twitch a little because that's not the only thing a person can do with a History degree. The same goes for people who show their ignorance in not knowing about the liberal arts field in general. I know a woman who has a degree in sociology, and is an accountant. Shoot I want to be in Marketing because it's all about how you study people, and how to persuade them into purchasing your goods/services. Hello, that's all I had to do for my History papers, sell my POV to my professor why a certain event happened. your savings on! :-)

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