Saturday, September 25, 2010

R&D's Entrepreneur Spotlight...Meet Michael Avon

I join a lot of random groups on Facebook, and that mainly comes from me having an interest in the topic. Some people stick to just one group of a different category, but that's just not my style. I like seeing the same topic from different angles and points of view. So, on one day I joined a group on "the Book" geared toward aspiring photographers, models, and make-up artists. That's where I met Mr. Avon, and saw some of his great artwork (photography to me is one of the best mediums out there). Every now and then Mr. Avon and I would talk about current events, his artwork and pretty much like we've been associates (guess that's the Capricorn in us). R&D readers allow me to introduce Michael Avon...

What type of service do you offer?
I do portraits. I also do music recording, and video directing/editing.

How long have you been in your field?
Photography 6years.
Music 17 years.

What drew you into wanting to provide such a service?
After my motorcycle accident and becoming disabled I had to focus on a career.

What most do you enjoy about your service?
Photography...Making people look good.
Music. Making people sound like a star.

What is the expected turn around time?
1 to 2 weeks. I seem to have the fastest turn around.

What is the range of your prices (consulting, milelage, extra fees if they want express services, etc.)?
That can be seen on my website:

Where can you be reached (facebook, website, email or all of the above, please give out links to such sites/ pages)?
(571) 275-7629

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