Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why are some people so anti-generic?

I have noticed that when I recommend generic brands, I get the usual scoff or nose in the air. I'm like umm hello, saving you money here, say thank you at least. I remember when a cousin was asking for help with some products for straightening her hair, and all I saw were recommendations for name brands (i.e. Chi/Farouk). So, I told her well she could find cheaper versions, using GVP (generic value products) because they work just as well and she could be able to remain in budget. I think I could feel the frowns, scoffs, and hear the "oh hell no" just by some of the responses that came after my reply. It was like a B.A.M.N. project to make sure that my cousin wasn't being "frugal" when it came to her hair. I will openly admit my hair obsession, I have been obsessed since I sat in the hair dresser's chair at the age of 4, but I have been to the point of going broke. That was until I said why am I paying full price when there are equally good products that are cheaper? I try to share this philosophy with others, but it was always about the label (and price). Case in point, I will use L'Oreal H.I.P. products because they act the same as M.A.C.. I get the same type of quality, and I feel like I'm doing L'Oreal a one up since they own Lancome (Estee Lauder's competition). Oh and yeah H.I.P. products are usually on good sales! *this is not to say that L'Oreal is generic in any shape or form...far from it!*

Beauty is pain, but you don't always have to feel that pain in your pocket! Buy generic believe me most of the time you're still helping out a major company.

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