Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's the summer officially this weekend....

I know boooooooooooo! Time to put away the dewey fresh from the pool look, to prepping our skin for the elements of dry air. Oh how my skin hates the fall time, and I mean hates it! I have psoriasis and Seborrhoeic dermatitis, so I have to do a really moisture happy regimen. I'll just give you guys the basics, at least for the fall.

  1. Always moisturize your skin. There's nothing like a flaky base that can wreck havoc on your foundation application. It doesn't matter your skin type because there are so many out here for everyone. Also please make sure that it has a SPF that covers UVA/UVB rays.
  2. Do not over wash your face, if you wash your face at night just rinse your face with water in the morning. The only excuse is if somebody wrote you a prescription saying you had to wash your twice a day.
  3. Drink your water! It's free and you also flush out toxins.
  4. We're not only talking about the skin on your face, but your body as well. Since the weather will start to get a little dry (unless you're in New England where summer ends in late September), you will need to add some "umph!" to your body wash.

There are more tips, but these are the basics....ciao bellas!

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