Monday, March 23, 2009

Smoking Smarties...wth?

Okay, so I'm just going on the fact that the anti-weed commercials are doing the opposite. Instead of showing rolled up doobies/spliffs on tv, maybe they should change it to people just being really high and fat, LOL. I remember in my heyday we used to take Pixie Stix (or kool-aid, only the kind with sugar added), and we did some real cokeish mess. We would actually sniff it like a coke head. I mean we were just mocking New Jack City, and any other drug related movie/show out there. Hmm we had taste, since we didn't want to look like the neighborhood junkies(SARCASM, WE WERE YOUNG AND STUPID). I DO NOT condone children portraying drug related behavior, and that includes making videos of smoking Smarties! AJ will not get a webcam until she is 18, LOL!

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