Monday, March 23, 2009

For some reason

I have the urge to braid my hair. It's not for the convenience part, but I just want regular individual braids. I haven't done them since I found out I was pregnant with AJ. I guess I also don't my hair to stay unprotected, I don't even know since it takes me a good two days to do them. I definitely don't have that time to do it now with my lovely toddler running around here. Can't say, could you please take that hair out of your mouth so Mommy can use it to braid *sheesh*. LOL Or better yet here's how it will go:

AJ: (while holding a handful of hair) See!!!
Me: Put that down right now!
AJ: (running away from me to the bathroom) Seeeeeeee!! I see!
Me: No, don't do that! (she throws it in the potty, that she refuses to use)
AJ: (laughing) Seeee?

LOL I think it just ended my desire for braids.

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