Monday, March 23, 2009

My darn hair

It's always this time of year (winter/early spring) when my hair decides that it has to snap off in the crown area. I am getting fed up! I want to take my husband's clippers, and just go for it lol. That's primarily been my recent solution for the breakage. The only time I didn't have the breakage, was when I was preggers. Not doing that anytime soon, lol (I had GD, severe anemia, a cerclage which made me remain on bed rest, and put on 40lbs). I think I need a new hair cut around the areas of breakage. Like before Christmas my hair was down to my shoulders, and now (after a trim in early February) my hair is still at my collar bone AND breaking. I think this is where the urge to braid my hair came from, LOL. We already know how that'll end up (read my previous post on the braids lol). In this picture my hair looks very full, and indeed it was with the courtesy of my ceramic medium barrel curling iron. Once I got to the back of my head, I had to actually do some real camouflage action. This is a rant right now, since I'm trying to figure out if I just want to transition, and be a natural who happens to press/roller set.

P.S. Yes Mommy lost her mind, and booked a a birthday party with the mouse....except it was on a Saturday!!!! *Ack!* lol The Abby Cadabby party, went well as planned, so well that people thought it was my birthday until they saw the lil' one lol.

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