Monday, March 23, 2009

I need to be motivated

I cannot just seem to get myself motivated to start working out like I did earlier this year. It was like earlier this year I was working out every day, doing a daily detox tea courtesy of ayurvedic weight loss tips, and drinking about a gallon a day. Then it was like as soon as I saw that I had lost 15lbs by mid-February (I was losing weight in December as well so don't be alarmed lol), I just okay let me slow up. I'm sick of having this post-pregnancy belly, and believe me that should motivation enough for me. Not to mention the health benefits that comes with losing excess amounts of fat. I will not share my weight, but I will let you know I am definitely not used to being a size 18W...more like a 14W or regular size 18. I blame it on being complacent with my life because we turned into homebodies as soon as we started being serious. Then it didn't help that we didn't eat that well either...oh gosh I think within our first months of dating I gained an extra 15lbs. Then almost a year into us dating, preggers, and now we are here. I do cook the way I am supposed to eat, with occasional slips off the plan, but I just can't get me to the point of wanting to start working out again. I'm quite sure everyone has been in this rut before. Maybe I need to actually find someone who is looking for an online weight-loss buddy. Anyone looking for buddy?

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