Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm up early on a Saturday

Why????? It's like every Saturday since AJ has been born, I've found it hard for me to stay asleep past 4am. I eventually end up falling back asleep, but not for long because I have to run my errands once the bank opens (wack!). Well I'm watching "Circle of Friends," and it just so happens to actually be a great movie (nope never seen it before). Anyways, I'm just ranting, blame it on the in-som-som-som-nia (yeah it was supposed to come off Jamie Fox-ish lol). Oh yeah I did a variation on my black beans last night. I wanted to make it into a Yank version of rice and peas, lol. I added some salsa, corn, adobo, and a little coconut water. I liked it and my husband loved it. We have a winner folks! lol Oh yeah also broke my rule, I used canned beans instead of dry since Tar-jay only had the canned kind.
I must retire because the princess just woke up. Toodles, and enjoy your weekend!

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