Friday, March 27, 2009

Surviving One Income

This post is because it's been a month that I haven't worked, and was seen as being selfish (mainly because my husband doesn't want to talk about the budget). He thinks if I work a full-time that it will help out the family. REALITY: Little one is sick this week, so that would mean that one of us would have to be home, and it wouldn't have been him because he holds the benefits. If I were to work, that means money to buy clothes for all for seasons at work, including shoes. Nothing is cheaper than wearing cute jeans or slacks with a cute tee, OR tank with a blazer/cardigan. I've searched for pt jobs, but that would mean money for transportation to NoVa which would be at the max $40 a week ($160 a month). Didn't mention child care, I'm free whereas a daycare provider is roughly $1400 a month for an untrained toddler. So pretty much I would be able to contribute at the max $400 a month, if that. They way I worked out our budget, we would have at least $300 left would work if only he would let it work.
Well, I found some articles that I sent to him, which he probably won't read unfortunately. I want to share it with those who are in the same boat. Back to clipping my coupons, and rocking my little one to sleep. Happy budgeting folks!

Tips for How to Make Your Budget Work with a Single Income
How I went from $60k to $30k per year and am barely making it- the tools we all need to survive.

Top Tricks for One-Income Living
Think you need that second income, but wish you didn't? Here are a few tricks from a veteran stay-at-home mom for cutting expenses, finding extra money, and enjoying life on one income.

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