Saturday, December 11, 2010

Well I passed both of my classes

Time to celebrate, but it's also a wake up call for me that I need to say adios to grad school (at least until I am more established). I met some interesting people in my classes, and even still communicate with one of my classmates. It also lets me know that I am definitely up for the whole empty whole E-Business program, and that I need to focus on Marketing. I did say that I will try to give teaching a shot (despite my many protests because I know that's not all I can do with my educational and occupational background). So, right now I'm trying to put together my application, and see when I can take the Praxis II because I am interested in working in Secondary Education History or English (skipping 6-9th grade if I could). This might even give me a chance to take some classes in subjects that will actually hold my interest.
I leave you with this, while I watch "Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring" and sip my egg nog (don't judge me, I'm a big geek but a cool one lol). Instead of Beauty School, switch it to Grad School Drop Out lol.

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