Saturday, December 11, 2010

Umm Santa I just took a peek at my wish list

Whew doggie! lol I know earlier this week KCCM posted on Facebook what is on your natural hair list. Well honestly I was compiling my wish list for the Mastercard/Amazon wish list contest because hey I need some stuff around here to make it a little more comfortable (I added a Keurig, a wi-fi entertainment center 'trying to cut down my cable bill', a couple of space heaters, and like two cases of coconut water#dontjudgeme). The other thing is that I can add items from any site as long as I added the universal wish list button to my toolbar. *insert Grinch smile* I mean I work part-time, so this is like a fantasy list for me, with the exception of me being able to at least purchase some of the etsy items I added.
Here are some of my hair items that I added to my wish list (here's the link as well
Hair Rules Kinky Sample Kit...yeah I really don't have the $40 to purchase it, but I have been longing to try these products out.

PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE Shea Butter Cream Rinse / Leave In Conditioner

Now I'm not sure if this is what the conditioner looks like, but the ingredients sound uber delish!
 (photo courtesy of Jasmine's etsy store (maybe I'm just a little partial to the name lol))
Key Ingredients:
Aloe Extract will make wet / dry combing easier, and adds a protective coating to the cuticle.
Jojoba oil adds light conditioning benefits without weighing hair down. Because its makeup is so similar to the natural sebum in skin and hair, it makes an excellent emollient.
Shea Butter adds its host of natural moisturizing benefits.
Cetearyl Alcohol provides extra slip, viscosity, and conditioning for ease in styling
Glycerin acts as the humectant, while Wheat Protein strengthens and improves hair's moisture content.
Panthenol penetrates the cortex, improving shine, strength, and preventing split ends.
Allantoin prevents further damage to the cuticle.
I hate sitting under the dryer for a deep conditioner, which is the reason why I warm up my conditioner a little bit with the warm shea butter and oil, and then plop on my "cap" (shopping bag). I still get great results, but it would be nice to actually you know feel like I'm in the salon. lol 

Okay everything else is for somethings around the house, and gift cards...I lie I have like Parachute Jasmine scented coconut oil (again just partial to it), Vatika oil (can never find it, and I don't live near any East Indian markets), EVERYTHING FROM NATURE ISLE!!!!, Shikaki oil, Amla oil, and some other hair goodies. I really do plan on doing some mixology up here. Hubs has been asking me why is it taking me so long because I usually have good mixes, and when he uses them on his beard (he adds my oil mixes to it when it gets a little dry) it fills in the gaps. cha...anyways what's on your wish list (hair, around the house, whatever). 

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