Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Crunchy Ends...time to break out the big guns

So, yesterday I took out my flat twists with a curly bang (of course nobody thought of taking pictures of the hair boo!), and all I felt were crunchy ends. I blame myself for that because of course I went outside during my last assignment with wet hair resulting in some heavy damage. I'm at the point where the scissors will be my only friend in this manner...talking about my current length losing like 4 inches (so pretty much up to my earlobes not straightened/ to my chin if straightened). I did a search and destroy, but that's a little too ahead of the actual reason behind this post.

So, I decided to nix the shampooing and what not because I wanted to be lazy (I know bad Jazzy bad bad lol), but did want to get the maximum benefit I could out of the conditioners (the Follicle Healer rwasn't the only one I used (-:). While I was waiting for AJ and her Granddad to come to the house (since once again I'm not on an assignment go frigging fig right), and procrastinating on writing this final due on Sunday at noon I decided it was time to dc my hair. So, I opened my packet of the Follicle Healer, melted like 3 tbls of shea butter in a generous amount of sweet almond oil, and mixed everything in a jar of  some leftover Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Mask (need to go back to purchasing this stuff again) with about 10 drops each of rosemary and peppermint EOs. Wrapped my hair in like two shopping bags, and let it sit on my hair for like 12 hours lol (I woke up this morning at around 2 to rinse it out). While I was twisting my hair I noticed that my ends were just beyond fried/dry, and reached for my shears.

My product of choice this time for my twists is instead of my Olive Oil Girls, mainly because that's more of a warmer months type of gel. This one has a lot of weight, which is needed for my hair, and also doesn't leave my hair feeling so wet. Right now my hair feels wonderful, and my ends (not all of them) feel like silk. I can't wait to do a decent trim all over just so my ends won't drive me to going ape over here.

What's your go to for when your ends start to feel a little crunchy? 

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