Friday, August 20, 2010

I think I might be adding a business spotlight section

I have for a minute...okay I lie for almost the entire year thought of a plan to promote other bloggers who might actually be online retailers, and then I thought that I needed to stretch out that idea a little more. Due to this current economy I know several people who are starting side businesses in order to have an emergency fund, or to make sure that they can get by without living check to check. So, I feel that in order to help my fellow entrepreneurs I decided to open up the blog for those who are interested in being featured on my blog. We can do a mini interview via e-mail so we can make sure to give the important details to your clientele, especially if you are involved in handcrafts. If you are someone who does artwork/products/apparel/etc. please PLEASE please make sure that you have quality pictures that can be displayed. Please do not post your business information in the comments because 1) I'm trying to keep this business casual, as in I want it to be formal enough that customers will take you seriously, but also laid back, and 2) I also want to make it so each product/service gets a chance to shine. That's just improper etiquette honestly, and hopefully that won't have to be mentioned again. In return for my promotion of your business, please either donate a little change i.e. finders fee, or we can work a discount on your product/service. Sounds fair right?
Okay well.... let the fun begin!!! :-)

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