Thursday, July 30, 2009

So having less hair is the trend these days

Honestly I thought since it was summer, this is usually the time that women cut their hair. I mean who wants to walk around with a heavy wig/weave/braids when it's actually humid? *so far we here in the DC/MD/VA area haven't been having our usually stifling breathing steam summer, so that's a blessing in disguise* The lighter the hair the better, meaning roller sets, cornrows, flat twists, twist outs, etc. Anything that can give the scalp some breezy goodness.
Well it looks like some of the women in the "industry" have decided to come back to reality, and sheared their locks. We have already touched on Cassie, which honestly it looks good on her, but now we have Rih Rih and Solange! Rih Rih has been rocking the short cut for a good year and half, which I think is wonderful in the world of lace fronts, but she decided shoot lemme shave the side of head as well. The first picture I saw, she looked like she has a plumage of crows feathers on top of her head. In a more recent one, it actually doesn't look bad (maybe that was a poor angle for the paparazzi). Now....Solange...I honestly love it! Even though I would be heartbroken if she was doing that for attention, and so her lace fronts could adhere to her scalp better.

On a forum I frequent, a lot of us agree that she needed to clean up the cut a little bit, and fem herself up with some type of earrings (we all know there's that border line of looking like a little boy, and then a fierce female). Then there were the long hair is for women, and short hair is for men comments of course coming from "men." I say "men" because if hair is the only type of qualities that you see that says that is a pretty woman/girl right there with that flowing hair. A real man can take a woman with or without her hair, even if it's sitting on a chair in the dinning room (lol, yeah that's where I placed my wig). Okay so...there was a point to this, if you are a confident female, and know that your beauty is not your hair go ahead and shave it off. If you miss that much, buy some!

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