Sunday, June 28, 2009

My first boyfriend passed away....

This is coming from a child of the 80' boyfriend Mike or as some of y'all called him MJ, passed away this past Thursday, and I am trying my best to not shed any tears. He would've wanted it that way, at least that's what I got from our relationship. He and I used to dance and sing all day, and sometimes all night. He even came in the doll form, and would sometimes cheat on me with Christie (you know Barbie's black friend). He would make it up to me, but singing our favorite song "The Way You Make me Feel." It would eventually bring a smile upon my face. Unfortunately, I decided to end our relationship on good terms, being as though I was also starting my new relationship with hip-hop. He would eventually come in and out of my life during my favorite shows on Fox, just to say a friendly hello.
Then the controversy of him being a child molester came into play, and I was not accepting that this was my Michael. My Michael, would never do anything to harm a child, being as though he was so gentle and almost like a child himself. I mean even though deep inside I was a little jealous that I never received an invite to his Neverland Ranch, I still would never think he would do something like that. Then when there were other allegations, I knew something was up. When he would put on these displays for his fans, I knew something was really wrong with him. Maybe he was mentally going through something, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Now we know, he had an addiction, something that was healing the wounds of a pain that was only visible to him.
So, for my boyfriend who has passed, I will try my best to not cry for you, but will celebrate you. I will celebrate you and your music!
Long live the Forever King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson, gone too soon!

I remember the time, oh Mike do I!

From my fellow 80s (H-town) baby, Ms. Bey gave him a tribute at her Philly show.

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