Monday, June 15, 2009

Is fashion being too provactive?

Speaking as somebody who was a Fashion Merchandising major, this ad is nothing different from what we see on TV everyday. If this ad did not exist, there will still be sexting happening, and children still being oversexed. I'm listening to the news right now, and this woman said "it's targeting teenagers into foursomes, which is a small demographic." Ummm no it's really not, and I need her to open her eyes. There are teens who do participate in orgies, and that was even when I was in high school ten years ago. Fashion always pushes the envelope, and obviously this has pushed some angry parent buttons. I for one am happy that it's this ad, and not the very sexual girl-on-girl H & M ad a couple of years ago, that had my cousin (almost like a brother) and I in a little debate. He thought it was great (typical answer for a 19 year old), and I thought it was a little bit on the extreme side (again pushing some type of envelope this time showing the sexiness of two-piece string bikinis). Whatevs, if we censor fashion ads, we really need to do the same for TV. Your two cents on this issue is needed.

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