Sunday, May 3, 2009

I've got the Faith!!

Faith 21 that is, I forgot to blog about this since I've been on the busy Mommy thing this week. I had to sub, and also had to pick up her new pictures (adorable might I add). I also did a little shopping on Macy's since Mommy needs a new pair of fitted jeans, and a pretty top (knee is still bothering me so no new heels yet). In case you didn't know they are having their Friends & Family sale, type in the code MACYSFRIEND for 25% off (I saved 16.11 on my order). Anyways (see how I get side tracked) Faith 21, Forever 21s plumper sister, was launched this past Friday.

Here's the disheartening size chart, but hey I can still wear a shirt made by them. Oh well here's how I'll know my change in eating helped me.

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