Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Belated Cinco de Mayo

To all the Mexican readers (or shall I say peekers)! Well I had to make a Tex-Mex dish yesterday to celebrate, and my husband of course got the Texcate beer and Cuervo lol.

Casserole a la Trotter (my last name lol)
1 can of navy beans
2lbs of ground turkey
2 cans of Rotel chiles and tomatoes (I used one can Hot and one Mild)
4 tbls of your choice of salsa
low sodium taco seasoning
2 tsps of chilli pepper
1 bag of Mexican blend cheese
small flour tortillas
oil (for greasing the casserole dish, and a little for the ground turkey)

1. brown the turkey with the taco seasoning
2. rinse the beans, and add to skillet
3. last five minutes in the skillet, add the salsa
4. oil the casserole dish (you should only need enough to moisten a paper towel)
this is going to be in layers
1) layer the tortillas to cover the bottom
2) add the meat and bean mixture
3) cover with tomatoes
4) add cheese
Repeat, should be able to make one full casserole and have enough for a small pie plate casserole (at least I did). You can add any toppings you want, we just kept it simple last night.

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