Thursday, March 19, 2009

Since I'm budgetting

I have to really start clamping down on the expenses in this family, since that'll be my main goal (I have to prove that me going to school isn't going to hurt the family). I have been receiving assistance from my parents when it comes to lil one having clothing. We receive so much, that even my mother had to shake her head at the clothes being put in the give away bag that still had tags lol. Since AJ is eating what Mommy and Daddy are eating, I have to make sure that we have well balanced meals that won't make her waddle lol. This is a plus for her father and I, well at least myself because I honestly don't know what her Dad eats at work when he doesn't pack a lunch.
So, I have been going to multiple stores to buy our food. There's an Aldi's and Giat right next door to each other, so of course I go there. I've even gone to Target to do household shopping, and unlike him I actually price compare. My hubby is one of those who still doesn't like being around a lot of people, so the sooner he gets everything done the better (I try to equip him with coupons just in case he picks up a name brand and not generic). We also don't have to worry about buying formula like 2x a week (she's on whole milk now, yay!), and we don't have to buy several types of baby food. It helps that she likes just about any type of fruit that I give her, so I am able to buy a lot of stuff that is in season. And she has yet to turn down a vegetable (well except green peas, but that's our fault since we hate them as well), so I am able to cook anything I can find that is in season. So far, we have saved over $150 in groceries, which can go towards paying more in bills OR having something put aside for emergency.

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