Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Okay my new style while I transition

I am going to try to transition doing the good ol' roller set, and then flat ironing my hair. I have (sorry was lmao looking at Sacha B. aka Borat) finally gotten the results that I need: body, camouflage for my breakage, and a way that I can just pin curl it and go. I didn't use much heat in the beginning, but I think with the manipulation of dry pin curling and snatching (well not really snatching them, it would just get tangled) my clips out took its tool. I also didn't have a winter routine for my hair, and just was doing the same thing I did for my hair in the fall. I do know now that I need plenty of moisture in my hair. I knew that when I was natural, and completely neglected that when I would do my texlaxers. I just would use a regular conditioner, and when it felt rough a packet of protein conditioner (never again will I use that Revlon Silk Fusion AGAIN *inserts angry face*). I lost my mind and bought the Matrix Biolage, instead of going to Sally's to buy the GVP version (I guess I just had an extra $16 to burn...not). I'm almost out of it, but I found my good ol' Suave Humectant! Once I finish my tube of Biolage Hydrating Balm, I'll turn my remaining Humectant into a good moisturizing conditioner (EVOO, maybe some of my purchase from Hairveda 'the CoCasta Shikakai Hair Oil, I hear is supposed to be good for that' or castor oil). I'm also going to use my Joico K-Pak conditioner just to halt some of the breakage, and do a little "search and destroy" of my dried out ends. This will be a process, but hopefully not a long one since I have 1.5 of new growth (must be doing something right these days).

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