Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two new beauty opps

Okay so I told my best friend/ daughter's Godmother that I would mention her on my blog. She is currently the newest member of the M.A.C family at the Georgetown store, so please stop on by. She is very good at her craft, and is already a certified make-up artist for Estee Lauder (parent company of M.A.C). Also currently working on her certification in cosmetology. Currently she's charging $15 for roller sets (I'll post pix if possible when she does my hair), and $25 for Doobie/Roller Wraps. Contact her at OR via myspace under the name "Beauty if my Business" (don't add the quotes). Be on the look out for her blog coming in the near future (yeah I talked her into it lol).
Now for those who like a good DR blow out/ or Doobie, there is a new Dominican Hair Salon located in District Heights, MD right on Marlboro Pike. For more information
That is all folks!

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