Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sorry for being absent

Well I have been in the middle of trying to take care of a sick baby (the downfall of working with children, you get sick and you bring it home). I will say one product that I recommend for all of my fellow Moms out there, Vicks BabyRub. It's the goodness of regular Vicks mixed with lavender, and yes homegirl was knocked out. And Little Noses, is also a great product to use since for some reason babies hate that aspirator (yeah I would scream too if I saw something like that coming to my face). I have also been trying to get myself enrolled in classes for the Praxis I exam, so I can take that step towards becoming a Certified Teacher (I am currently enrolled in a free class courtesy of my job, so blogging might be on the slim side).
Now that debate last night...I know Joe Plumber wants to put McCain in a choke hold for putting him on blast last night (26 times he was mentioned!!!). Now we found out that he owes money in back taxes; well now we know why he didn't like Obama's tax plan (dangit I should have keeped my mouth shut). McCain looked almost like a constipated old man/Grinch (lol if you don't believe me check out the clips of the debate on OR I mean when somebody curls up under your skin, one thing that you should control is body language, but hey he has so much experience in public speaking I guess he wouldn't need my reminder. Okay well let me get ready for SNL Weekday Update, and yes last week was AWESOME!!!

Until then my lovelies
deuces!!! *chucks the deuce*

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