Sunday, October 26, 2008

My search for the perfect roti

I already know that there will be about 2000 people wanting to tell me that either their auntie, mummy, cousin, or even themselves can make the best roti. I came close to one of the best I have had in about 4 years (yes it has been that long, isn't that sad?). I do not like every countries version of the roti (no I am not just talking about the bread). I love my GT folks, but dangit I want my filling in my bread! lol Yardies, y'all might come close to the way I like it, but I like to taste my curry (not all of the Jamaicans I know make "weak" curry). It's really a tie between the Trinis and Grenadian versions, and I now have a Grenadian "auntie" who will make me one for a price of $6.50 lol. Unlike some, she actually makes her roti from scratch, which is a big plus in my book. The next place that I actually had a good roti, is at Lexington Market (the doubles weren't bad either). The right amount of pepper, garlic, onions, potatoes and chickpeas, oh gosh my mouth is watering right now just thinking about it. After that teaser of an experience of a good roti, I have been on my quest. I think my quest will eventually come to an end when I start making my own. I have yet to find a market out here that sells the roti skins (heck no, I don't do rolling of the dough unless for cookies). If anyone in the Southern PG County area has a clue where I can buy a pack, please leave it in a comment or shoot me an e-mail. Also, while I am on this quest to find a good roti please do not hesitate to direct me to your favorite place. I do drive, and I have no problem with going a reasonable distance for good food (I will drive to Silver Spring or Woodbridge in order to get a chance to sample a good roti). No offense to the originators of the roti, but I do love your Tandoori Chicken!

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