Thursday, October 2, 2008

Care for our Boobies!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this is one of those months that I have to pay homage to the women in my family who are truely survivors. My Great-Great Aunt, my Great Aunt and my Aunt/Godmother have all been victims of this disease, and there appears to be a trend in our family (my maternal side) that the oldest woman in each generation gets this cancer. I'm hoping that I can dodge this bullet, but I won't be getting any exams until I would say at least until I'm 35 (I'm trying to get started early with our family history and all).
Another person in my life who has survived Breat Cancer is my MIL (lol those are almost her initials), and I'm a little worried about my lil' princess. She has genectics and race fighting against her on this one. That's why I said I might start just a little bit earlier than recommended. Just so she can see that Mommy is doing it, and one day you will have to as well.

Now for the companies that are giving towards Breast Cancer Research: BOGO sale is happening, and if you purchase a pink bracelet or Pink Ribbon Slippers for the cure with a minimum $100,000 of the proceeds will go towards research.

Hmmm save money and at the same time you're helping women come closer to the cure....not bad at all!
Fuze Drinks- tasty, full of antioxidants, and will not add any inches to the sleek waistline (yes I'm pushing this product lol)...the new Slenderize Drink full of Pomegrante and Acai Berry. everything you can think of that will go towards Breast Cancer.
Yoplait yogurt- it's that time to start saving those pink lids, with a percentage of the proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation
other participants
Also knowledge is power:

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