Friday, December 31, 2010

What I liked and didn't like in 2010

Yesterday I saw a tweet from Afrobella about another blogger hosting a 25 blog post challenge for an Amazon gift card (I saw gift card and said oh wee doggy I can buy some of that new fangled stuff I saw on Amazon). Then after being up for 16 hrs I was like ummm yeah my brain can't even come up with 25 things to post Mrs. Random?? I mean that was like let's close up shop on the blog because it can happen. I was going to try a post of 25 music posts of each mood I had during the day because hey my moods fluctuate on a regular. Then I said no let's make a post of 25 random things that I observed during the day (i,e, last night saw a guy get off at Naylor Road station wearing something that look like he robbed the Cowardly Lion of his fur). Then I said there might be a posse of people who will be coming after me, or attacking me when I go back and forth in between my temp assignments. lol SO yeah had to nix that one. Then it was going to be about 25 different posts on the different events in my life...then I said eff it let me just make one post, and if I happen to come up with 25 things then so be it. Like to read it (hopefully you will because I brought the blog out of hiatus to write it up lol)....

  1. I have come to the conclusion that graduate school is not for everyone, especially for those of us who trying to fit into everyone's definition of happiness besides your own. Grant it I do not think of the experience as something that was NOT a positive for me, but it just wasn't what I needed to add onto another stressful situation.
  2. I love that fact that I am now thinking about what I am really interested in, and that whenever someone would ask me about my major I would tell them it was about web development, customer service and how to get into the government. Then I thought nope, it's not just about that and I actually enjoyed putting together a marketing plan, which let me know if anything I need to know how to sell and market myself. 
  3. That out of the few times my best friend came into town (especially this week) that I was not able to see him 1) because of previous family engagements, 2) I was really embarrassed with how my life was going, and 3) this week AJ has been sick so I kept her quarantined. So, eventually I do want to make it up to him, and actually come down there to Florida with the fam to visit.
  4. I have come to the realization that I am tired of trying to please everyone, and that is very refreshing! Like I really don't know if that's coming from me gain another year in age (I turned 29 on Tuesday), but yeah it's just an uncomfortable feeling.
  5. That I need to actually take control of the budget in my house because half of the time I don't where the money is going (at least when we don't put our money together). I need to really buckle down, and come up with a PowerPoint or something to make it clear. lol
  6. That my daughter is the reason for my happiness, when she's happy I am 2x as happy; when she's sad I want to cry and absorb all of her pain; when she's pissed I want to flick off and go on a war hunt to find out who upset my baby!!! I guess now I know how my mother since I'm her only baby too.
  7. I love the fact that my blog isn't just about one thing, and one thing only. I mean it's all about me being my random self, and my getaway from my dull or hectic times in life. 
  8. That I do still have a love for the arts, and damnit before I leave this earth I'm going to either get up and sing in public or become a great photographer.
  9. That I'm really not the typical "black" girl...I mean seriously which one of us are, and why would we even want to fit into their stereotypes? I mean ugh! 
  10. I love that I am really not going to be like anybody's mother unless they are opinionated, like rock music, like to experiment with making different recipes (hair and food), and just likes to not have that role of the woman (umm if you don't move your mutha*beep* shirt and wash your dishes!!!)...yeah I'm a handful lol
  11. That I love the fact that I love ALL cultures...I guess that inquisitive mind of mines, but it's just something about me that I love. People ask me when we talk about different cultures, have I been to these places, and I just tell them nope...I read a lot (insert Cheshire Cat grin).
  12. WHAT I DO DISLIKE about 2010...THE PALINS! I'm freaking tired of hearing about Sarah and her teabaggers; Bristol and her made up drama with her sons father; and then the fact that they're so freaking popular. Like really why???????
  13. I also do not dislike underhanded comments about POTUS and the first family. Seriously wtf? Dubya was a former drunkard/coke head, with a daughter and a niece who were known to be *ahem* party girls, but once a mother shows concern about her daughters being a little meaty she's blasted. So being concerned about your child's well being makes you a bad parent?? *side eye* Oh yeah and let's not forget about the fact that the man is trying his darnest to make sure that everyone has some type of health insurance instead of going into bigger debt or yeah dying because they can't afford treatments, then he has dbags taking him to court. Oh and let us not forget about the oil spill in the gulf, and the order he put to put a stop on the drilling. Heaven forbid that the man was trying to at least not have another rig go up in flames, and then another gusher happening. *throws hands up* I gotta give it to him because after awhile I would have said "ya know wha...eff you, eff you, you're cool (pointing at Hilary), and I'm out!" *deuces* 
  14. I DO NOT LIKE THIS WEATHER!!! One minute it feels like I'm the ant in the ant farm being cooked under a magnifying glass, and then having that said ant farm put under water just to be put in the freezer. (repeat cycle) Like I really don't know what people on that side of the fence are smoking, but there's a reason why people have been on the mission to make their lives a little greener (just a smidgen) . 
  15. I do not like that there will no longer be a middle class. I just don't see it happening, unless there's going to be something to rectify what's going on (hello COLA anyone??) things will continuously be divided. 
  16. For the life of me I am tired of the hood economics, just follow what they did just don't get caught. Again wtf, do you even know what the flaka you're saying. I bet you're one of those "yes suh nah suhs" aren't you? I mean these are the same folks who are giving me scenarios that they have heard of working for their other colleagues. You tell them stuff that the counterparts wrote in books, and oh lawdy *shots fired* you telling them about that fancy book other words I'm tired of us being ignorant. Tell people to pay for stuff in cash, not credit oh boy I messed up their scheme of getting over. Yeah you have credit, but history does show after awhile your credit isn't going to mean squat. 
  17. I see how I have a lot to say, and just maybe this blog post is giving you a preview of what direction I am trying to take the blog for 2011. Will I keep it up...maybe since bills need to paid, and of course just looking at the length of this blog yeah I have a lot to say lol. 
  18. Oh yeah...WE'RE ALL BLOGGERS AND BOUNCE OFF THE SAME IDEAS, STOP ARGUING WITH EACH OTHER!!! It's not a good look, and yeah you might get a surge in visitors (because shoot yeah I want to see each parties side of the argument blame my inner attorney) but at the end of the day you're blogging and expressing your views. Let the other person get a chance to blog and express their views. It's petty, childish, and hello if people want to follow another persons opinion then so be it. Isn't that how you got so popular?
  19. I love tumblr! Like do I have to go any further in that? lol shout out to<---I keep giving you shot outs on fb come on my side of the planet sometime lol
  20. I really didn't know that the natural hair movement was going to be such a big thing. I actually see it as being refreshing, and I'm beyond flattered when people come up and say something about my hair (nope I don't have a camera so sometimes you have probably seen me around the city and didn't know so :-P lol)
  21. I love that my MIL is trying her best to inspire my mixologist side, and has told me on numerous occasions to bite the bullet spend the money and see what comes of it. First time I actually plan on taking her advice. So be on the look out soon for something by Missus JAHT.
  22. I have started to find a love for old cinema..the story lines, the flowery dancing, and the fact that it's a happy ending. 
  23. It's official I must live in Europe for one year. I think it's the Dutch blood in me that's rebelling against the working class Irish/Black sides, and telling me I must live there. Believe me I have been trying to find me escape for the States and honestly DC. I feel like it's been my crutch (woo hoo another revelation).
  24. Before I die I am going to play PRETTY mas in every Caribbean Carnival around the world. Looks like I just might need to hit the lotto. Anyone who knows me knows that I have been studying the costume designs with a fine tooth comb, and even notice copycats. 
  25. Speaking Carnivals...I am so done with DC Mud Band. I guess I used to be blind or to inebriated to realize that the younger the crowds would get the drunker people are. Either that or they need to not come to band pissy from the night before. Like your speech should not be slurring at 9 am, and you're drinking water/gatorade. lol and smh
OMG 25 things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think my brain hurts from digging that deep. lol Well I apologize for the lengthiness, but it was definitely worth the posting.  I leave you with what I was listening to while I had AJ sitting in the bathroom steaming with our peppermint and rosemary.
Digga D- Last Lap for Old Year's Nite (we listened at the last lap part because I was trying to get her to wukk up her cough lol).


Kiianah said...

Happy New Year Jazzy! Great list, I'm definetly in agreement with you on several things, the Palins for one! Ugh, enough already. Sarah is an airhead and a racist (sorry).

Europe! Heck yeah or Ireland, lol (don't judge me)!

Divafied Mama said...

Happy New Year Kiki!!!
Ireland, the land of green countryside. I can see you being there. your savings on! :-)

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