Friday, December 17, 2010

My hair....HATES ME!!!

All of the rage that is in this video is what my hair is doing to me right now. I haven't been able to moisturize and seal while wearing it in a protective style. All I feel are rough spots, dry ends, and hair is just ashy. Perfect combination for another search and destroy mission for my ends, but I honestly feel like I need to do an intense DC. I'm looking around for a good homemade one because right now it looks like I'm wearing a bad Diana Ross wig from the 70s. Just big and full of frizzy goodness! I have eggs (even though I have a reconstructor conditioner I plan on mixing), oils (coconut, JBCO and Olive Oil), some good base conditioners (HETT, Pantene, etc.), and a husband who is off today with the Wii controller (hopefully they'll be watching a lot of kids/family movies smh and lol). I think I'll have to alternate doing co-washing and shampoos because my hair is just unhappy.
His bottom layer is actually on point lol

I must honestly listen to her, or my hair will look like Twisted Sister.
If you're looking for a good base conditioner try these suggestions:

Believe it or not I have used ALL of these conditioners, with these being the main ones that stand out because of their stellar results.

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