Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I found a place for Drop Off for Packages of Love and Hope!

Of course it would be my church, duh! But wait before you click the "x" there's an actual event where we (or you) can drop off the packages. The church's Women's Ministry is putting together "Joy to the World" an evening of FOOD, music and fellowship. I emphasize on food because I know I might have some college followers, or even people who are just interested in some free food. Think of it like this you donate a few things including gently used clothing, canned foods, products (they specify ethnic hair products, but I'm sure a little Suave and Aussie isn't going to make them totally disgusted shoot we use them lol), or even some items like dish towels can help out a family in need. The list of items that they are requesting will be listed in the tab "Project 'Packages of Love and Hope." It's just about where can we assemble these packages since the event is next Friday on the 10th time is of the essence. I wish I had thought about trying to assemble others at least a week prior to Thanksgiving, but this was something that came from my heart (I literally cried watching the lines at the Food Banks, which made me feel so blessed). I know that some of us are not fortunate enough to donate a generous amount of money, but just taking the time out to go along with the season of giving is more than enough.
Joy to the World
sponsored by Mt. Ennon Baptist Church's Women's Ministry
Friday, December 10, 2010 
7PM until
9832 Piscataway Road, Clinton, MD 20735

I hope to see everyone who interested there next Friday. You'll get a chance to meet/see the family and I. :-)

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