Saturday, November 6, 2010

What I really feel like doing/not doing today

I'm bored supposed to be in the middle of writing a 5 page paper that some people were complaining about how can you cram in so much information in so much little space (I complained about the 1st paper because it was 3 pages long, with 5 pages worth of information), and also writing about which platforms to choose from that will work with my current company (ummm I'm a temp and substitute teacher so yeah lol). So, that has me coming up with the list of what I want/don't want to do this afternoon/evening.
What I DO NOT want to do
  • I don't want to write these seriously I want something hands on dagnabit, and writing a paper is not going to assist me with knowing how to design a website.
  • I don't want to sit here and watch these old movies that hubs is picking out. We pay a perfectly good cable bill with ALL OF THE MOVIE CHANNELS, and grant it I like Netflix but I also like picking out movies too.
  • I don't want to sit in the house tonight...shoot it's cold and I need to be active
  • I don't feel like eating a healthy meal, even that will derail my weight loss process, but w/e I don't want to! lol
What I DO want to do
  • watch reality tv, without him hemming and hawing about me getting my VH1 fix of foolishness and Jersey Shore fix (I'm so behind this season it is so crazy)
  • sit on twitter and look at the latest cat fights/celebrity gossip...I might not post it on here, but I sure do like the stuff that people stress about on twitter
  • sitting in someone's natural hair care class, and maybe even learning how to do some of these braiding styles outside of youtube because Mama needs some side gig money, ya dig? 
  • eating some doubles with plenty peppa, with some conch fritters on the side and an extremely large glass (something like the size of the glass a Hand Grenade comes in)of GOOD rum punch. Highly caloric, but oh so satisfying
  • Go to the movies...I can't say how long it's been since I've been to a movie theater, but that's because it cost me just as much as buying 2 days worth of groceries, or 2 days of going back and forth on the Metro (yeah this assignment costs me about $12.40 a I know Metro has you coming and going)
  • giving myself a mani/pedi...I'm feeling girly so sue me :-)
  • bake this caramel cake because I have been eying this recipe since LAST week lol, but haven't because temptation is a mofo in this house Mama's Caramel Cake
  • take a nap! I feel like I need to recharge my batteries from this week.
Wow looks like my wants list is a little longer than I expected....HA! Who am I kidding, I really don't want to do what is expected of me, and I am passing my classes with pretty nice's just I want to have some plain simple fun! But since I just let out a big yawn, looks like I'll be in the club in my dreams lol. And yes when I wake up I will make that oh so healthy pot of Turkey Spaghetti that I planned on making this weekend, while attempting to write up my rough draft for one of my papers. *rolls eyes and pouts* Now if someone could be so kind, and FexEx me some conch fritters from USVI or the Bahamas I will be your friend 'til the end (I swear I will!!!)....oh yeah and add some rum to that order. ;-)

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